Maxim Kulikov freelancer from Ukraine

- Packshots using CGI
- 3d packaging visualization
- 3d modeling

Using CGI over photography for packshots has many notable advantages:

The images i produce are ready to use and place into your portfolio. They are clean, and there's no need for any re-touching. Pack images can be supplied cut out, with reflections and shadows on seperate layers in PSD file. You can start advertising the product before it is built or available for sale.

Using CGI allows you to quickly and cost-efficiently explore new product and packaging concepts.

Use of CGI offers a time and cost effective alternative as we do not have to set up physical studio lighting.

Unlike a photo shoot, once I create your images, I can easy make changes. I can adjust the lighting, the camera angle or even update the labe on bottle, all with minimal implementation time and at a fraction of the cost of arranging a new studio shot.

With cgi, the graphics look as good as your original artwork and we can create the look of many printing styles including labe, embossing, screenprint and foil.

If you work with me you will sense the advantages of CGI for create packshots.

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